What’s the Buzz About Bask’s Signature Product, The Mistmaster™?

It started with a big idea in engineering: that the combination of size, quality, and design could fundamentally change the performance level of mist and spray devices. 

Our performance-grade misting systems are born of our practical know-how and problem-solver mindset.

Inventively designed, responsibly made, and satisfyingly effective, they reimagine the best professional methods to work better in everyday use. With Bask misting systems at hand, consumers, businesses, and communities, in our own Sunshine state and across the country, can easily create and cultivate places—from private backyards to bustling small businesses—that everyone can appreciate.

Under the leadership of our CEO and President, Keith Brookins, our team thought big and created our first Bask product, The Mistmaster.

The Mistmaster 3-in-1 Compact Misting System has been designed to help DIY-savvy individuals, businesses, adventurers, karate enthusiasts, and communities find efficient ways to tackle tough issues like:

> Sanitization

> Pest Management

> Plant Health

> Odor Control

With the Mistmaster, we’re putting professional-grade misting performance right in your hands, reimagined for you to use with ease, at your home or small business, for indoor and outdoor use. High-powered and compactly-sized, our misting system offers a variety of configurations all in one, all without breaking the bank.

We Intend To Make A Difference

Having trouble keeping those mosquitoes away from your guests during those backyard barbecues?

You run a local gym and you’re looking for the most efficient way to maintain it clean and safe? 

With the Mistmaster at hand, you can quickly and easily go over the specific areas you want to treat, with the right treatment. 

For instance, if you use one of the contact insecticides selected by Bask, the treatment will be distributed in fine droplets that will stay suspended in the air longer, maximizing the chances to be in contact with mosquitoes and knock them down. Whatever the treatment you use with the Mistmaster, you can be sure that all the surfaces of the area you treat will be covered: you will be able to sanitize, even behind the lockers, or reach insects living beneath the plant leaves in your garden.

Three Misting Options in One Compact Device

The Mistmaster 3-in-1 Compact Misting System is a transportable device that incorporates three safe and effective misting methods that allow you to maintain indoor and outdoor spaces and better tend to them.

Mist Station: Install one of the three Bask Mistmaster’s easy-to-assemble Mist Station Kits—use the Overhead Kit on fences, porch railings, pergolas, or walls or either the Slim Risers Kit or Ultra Slim Risers Kit ground stakes if no existing structure is available—to surround a small indoor or outdoor space with permanent coverage.

Plug the Mistmaster to an outlet full-time, or just run it on its rechargeable battery for up to three months. Use the Bask Mistmaster long-range remote control to deliver a short, 15-, 30-, or 45-second treatment, as needed.

Mist Blower: Unhook the Bask Mistmaster, running off a charged battery, attach the shoulder strap, and use the powerful, built-in Mist Blower to quickly treat with a broad perimeter or to focus on a specific area or large item in your space.

When the Mistmaster is used as a portable tool, the Mist Blower is the ideal way of distributing quickly a fine mist over a large area.

Misting Wand: Attach the handy Misting Wand to treat smaller or hard-to-reach spots, whether high off the ground or down in hidden crevices. The wand disperses mist in a cone shape, giving you finer control of the application.

This is the perfect solution for treating indoor and outdoors specific areas, such as baseboards, eaves, or even the inside of your vehicle.

Use your Mistmaster anywhere: in your yoga studio, day-care, office, home, in your garden, around your pool deck, or take it outdoors at the ball field or campsite.

Even when full, the Mistmaster is light enough to carry around a good-sized space while efficient enough to keep refills to a minimum—and a fully-charged battery will keep going through five tank-fills. And when it’s time for a refill, the unit will display an alert.

The Mistmaster is the only misting system on the market that is self-contained, transportable, and works 3 ways, allowing you to use it when, where, and the way you need it. 

Use the Mistmaster at your convenience and discover the difference of performance-grade tools reimagined with ease, from Bask.

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