The Mistmaster™ 3-in-1 Compact Misting System, A Dog Owners Best Friend

Dog owners can relate: we only want the best for our pups. We want to protect and care for them as much as we can. When it comes to protecting them against fleas and ticks or caring for their living spaces, the Bask Mistmaster can help. Here are three specific ways the Mistmaster will keep you and your dog safe, healthy, and happy.

Protects Against Fleas and Ticks
Dog houses are the perfect place to install the Mist Station. These easy-to-assemble overhead kits can be arranged on the top of the dog house or into the nearest open-ground area to easily mist your pet’s outdoor living space. Choose the right treatment, and this mist will protect against fleas, ticks, and other suspicious insects and maintain their safety upon installation.

Kills Inside & Outside Odor
Nothing screams smelly more than when your dog comes inside after a rainy walk. The Mist Blower will help you eliminate those pesky odors that your dog brings inside, and outside, your home. Use the Mist Blower where your dog usually lays, whether that be over your main lounging areas inside or around your backyard. With one of the odor killer treatments selected by Bask, you will combat the odors brought in so you can keep snuggling with your favorite furry friend.

Sanitizes Living Space
The handy Misting Wand is the best solution for sanitizing your dog’s living space. The wand disperses mist in a cone shape, giving you finer control of your application. This attachment can be used for your dog’s crate, bed, and toys to give it a satisfactory cleaning efficiently. We believe the Misting Wand is optimal for dog owners, as it can also be used with the appropriate treatment for reaching the nooks of the dog house to protect against bugs and carpets inside to fight pesky odors.

Dogs are the best companion, but so is the Mistmaster. These three reasons are why dog lovers enjoy having a Mistmaster on hand: they are protecting against fleas and ticks, killing odors, and sanitizing their space. All in all, as a dog parent and lover, you can benefit from owning the Mistmaster.

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