The Essential Item For Your Next Camping Trip

Camping just got a lot better. If you love adventuring and the outdoors but hate the bugs that surround you and your tents, we have the perfect solution for you. The Mistmaster 3-in-1 Compact Misting System will keep your camping experiences bug free and sanitary with its powerful misting technology. Here’s why we think the Bask Mistmaster is going to be one of your favorite camping companions from now on. 

Bug Protection 

We know you saw this coming. Like we said before, choose one of the insect control treatments selected by Bask, and the Mistmaster can keep your camping experience bug free. The blower feature is an ideal way of distributing a fine mist over a large area. Use the blower when you get to your campsite, or take it with you when you travel around the outdoors while RVing. All the mosquitos, and other biting insects, will be kept at bay so you can enjoy your time with nature. 


Although camping was created for the great outdoors, cleanliness is still important to nature lovers. After a long day of fishing or hiking, use one of the sanitizing treatments from Bask’s selection, so the Mistmaster can disinfect and kill odors on your gear quickly, efficiently, and effectively. Misting your equipment will make you feel more cautious and prepared for your next trip to the wilderness. 

Bask Solution Tool

Portable and Self-Contained

The portability of the Mistmaster and the fact it is self-contained are supreme for a camping trip. The Mist Blower and Misting Wand can help eliminate biting insects, sanitize, and kill odors on your items. The blower can be used to protect quickly the larger campsite area from mosquitoes and the wand feature can give you finer control over sanitization and odor control. 


Your camping checklist can go on for days. From tents, sleeping bags, flashlights, cooking materials, and navigation tools, we know how expensive camping can get. For the amount of money and work that goes into camping, the Mistmaster can help ease some cost frustrations. Users of the Mistmaster always recognize how cost-effective it is due to its many capabilities.  

The Mistmaster was designed to make your life easier. With the Mistmaster, your camping experiences will unquestionably go smoother as it repels biting insects and sanitizes your gear. Camping and the Mistmaster truly go hand-in-hand. 

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