Mist for germ-less places

3-in-1 Compact Misting System. Professional-grade misting tool to sanitize your business, large or small

Sanitize against viruses.

Covid-19 has changed how we clean – from what we disinfect and how often we do it. Germs and bacteria can cover virtually every surface in any given area, especially in offices, schools, gyms, workout studios, or retail spaces where there’s a high volume of foot traffic.

The Mistmaster™ 3-in-1 Compact Misting System is here to help. Not only is cleanliness the most important driver in customer satisfaction, it saves your business money. The average employee takes about 7.7 sick days per year; that’s a loss of approximately $225.8 billion. A clean office space reduces sick days by 46%.

Bask MistmasterTM

3-in-1 Compact Misting System

A pro tool for everyone, everywhere.

The Mistmaster 3-in-1 Compact Misting System is the industry’s first self-contained, high-powered but compactly sized, DIY misting system, packaged with best-in-class tactics for sanitization. It’s a great way to sanitize your space after a busy day.

Just add the Mistmaster to your team’s cleaning cart along with a stock of our sanitizing treatment. They’ll be pleased to have a pro tool to use and you’ll know you’ll be keeping everyone as safe as the pros do.

Bask misting technology

Misting makes sanitizing your space effortless as it focuses on thoroughly cleansing areas while eliminating germs and bacteria.

Mist distributes very thin droplets of the sanitizing treatment so you reach all surfaces easily and efficiently.

It targets specific areas evenly and 10x faster than traditional sprayers without leaving a damp surface, meaning you won’t need to remove any object, such as a piece of paper from a desk, because it won’t get wet and damaged.

The Mistmaster treats 20x faster and uses 8x less treatment – so you can cover a larger area quicker and with less treatment.

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A game changer in my Dojo

"Running a Dojo is not an easy thing... and with the recent COVID-19 pandemic it's getting even more complicated. But with the Mistmaster at hand, I am able to disinfect everywhere, quickly and easily! I love the blower mode which allows me to treat a large areas in few minutes, while when I plug the wand I can clean and disinfect specific spots. A friend of mine has installed the overhead nozzles kit in the lockers, to repeatedly mist every night with a remote control -- this is surely an additional feature I am going to install very soon!"

Kim Lee
Dojo owner (Fort Lauderdale, FL)
Proud of my plants!

"As a greenhouse manager, I want to make sure I provide my clients with the best quality. I have been impressed by everything the Mistmaster can do for me to grow and maintain the health of my plants and trees. Using the wand enables me to treat each plant separately, while with the small mist station I have installed, I am able to distribute all the nutriments they need... all of that with only one device!"

Frank Hall
Greenhouse Manager (Houston, TX)
Treating our DIY home garden, responsibly

"My wife and I are mindful of environmental impact and enjoy spending time in the backyard while teaching the kids the importance of nature. We recently discovered the Mistmaster and found it is a great solution for our backyard DIY home garden! We use the blower and the wand to effectively help protect and target insects that may feed off and destroy our beautiful tomatoes. Thanks to the very thin mist the Mistmaster distributes, we use a very small amount of treatment, acting responsibly without hurting the environment. I have red that you can also install a Mist Station by attaching mounted misting nozzles above some areas of your home garden: this will be our next project with the kids!"

Thomas Grane
Finance Director (Hudson, NY)