Sanitization During COVID-19

Germs and bacteria can cover virtually every surface in any given area. The outbreak of COVID-19 has highlighted how important it is to sanitize interior environments, specifically homes, and workspaces. Since we’ve experienced a large threat of germ and virus transmission earlier this year, it’s advised we take immediate precautionary measures to protect our community. The Mistmaster 3-in-1 Compact Misting System is here to help with continual prevention and simplifying virus outbreaks by sanitizing spaces most commonly contacted.

The Mistmaster is the industry’s first high-powered, compactly sized and self-contained DIY misting system. It is packaged with best-in-class tactics to help you sanitize surfaces, protect against insects, and control odors. Depending on the treatment you select, the Mistmaster provides measures to help protect against coronavirus and other contaminants.  

The Mistmaster is unique when it comes to sanitizing indoors. With its handy Misting Wand attachment, it can target smaller or hard-to-reach areas around the home or workspace. The misting system can be used with a disinfectant solution that is tough enough on germs to cleanse, but gentle and safe enough for individuals. 

The coronavirus, and other viruses, pose such a high risk of contagion but utilizing the Mistmaster to sanitize spaces can help disinfect and clean. Bask wants to alleviate the stress and anxiety around the spread of germs. Our powerful and versatile device will make indoor sanitization and decontamination feel easy so efforts can be more focused on getting your homes, offices, and workspaces back up and running. When it comes to fighting the spread of the COVID-19, the Mistmaster is there for you.

Bask Solution Tool
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