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Treating our DIY home garden, responsibly

"My wife and I are mindful of environmental impact and enjoy spending time in the backyard while teaching the kids the importance of nature. We recently discovered the Mistmaster and found it is a great solution for our backyard DIY home garden! We use the blower and the wand to effectively help protect and target insects that may feed off and destroy our beautiful tomatoes. Thanks to the very thin mist the Mistmaster distributes, we use a very small amount of treatment, acting responsibly without hurting the environment. I have red that you can also install a Mist Station by attaching mounted misting nozzles above some areas of your home garden: this will be our next project with the kids!"

Thomas Grane
Finance Director (Hudson, NY)
A game changer in my Dojo

"Running a Dojo is not an easy thing... and with the recent COVID-19 pandemic it's getting even more complicated. But with the Mistmaster at hand, I am able to disinfect everywhere, quickly and easily! I love the blower mode which allows me to treat a large areas in few minutes, while when I plug the wand I can clean and disinfect specific spots. A friend of mine has installed the overhead nozzles kit in the lockers, to repeatedly mist every night with a remote control -- this is surely an additional feature I am going to install very soon!"

Kim Lee
Dojo owner (Fort Lauderdale, FL)
Kill germs and odors like a pro!

"I've been using the Mistmaster since few months to disinfect and get rid of some odors in my Yoga Studio. It's incredibly easy to handle, and with the blower I can quickly take care of all the common areas. I have recently added a small fixed system in one of the studios, with nozzles attached to rails in the ceiling. So every night, when closing, I plug the device and mist for 30s. I can tell you my clients are extremely happy that I use this tool...and so do I!"

Jannie Lufven
Yoga studio owner (Miller Place, NY)