Mist for germ-less places with The Bask Mistmaster®

Backyard jungle gyms and school gymnasiums. They’re favorite hangout spots for kids—and germs. And a perfect place for the Bask Mistmaster.

Select one of our sanitizing treatments and use the Mist Blower to quickly cover broad spaces or large structures. Attach the Misting Wand to reach into often-forgotten or difficult-to-clean spots. Or install the Mist Station Overhead Kit in a smaller fixed location. Then dispense regular bursts for everyday sanitizing—just touch the long-range remote control and walk away. With every option, you’ll know our misting system minimizes chemical use while maximizing coverage. So you can sit back and watch the kids run wild—while keeping the cold, flu, and other contagious viruses in check.



Run a restaurant, the gym, or health clinic? Bask Mistmaster will work well for you too—it’s a great way to sanitize your space after a busy day. Just add the Mistmaster to your team’s cleaning cart along with a stock of our sanitizing treatment. They’ll be pleased to have a pro tool to use and you’ll know you’ll be keeping everyone as safe as the pros do.

Odor Control


3-in-1 Compact Misting System

The industry’s first self-contained, high-powered but compactly sized, DIY misting system, packaged with best-in-class tactics to help you sanitize surfaces, protect from insects, nurture plants or eliminate odors.


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Kill germs and odors like a pro!

“I’ve been using the Mistmaster since few months to disinfect and get rid of some odors in my Yoga Studio. It’s incredibly easy to handle, and with the blower I can quickly take care of all the common areas. I have recently added a small fixed system in one of the studios, with nozzles attached to rails in the ceiling. So every night, when closing, I plug the device and mist for 30s. I can tell you my clients are extremely happy that I use this tool…and so do I!”

Jannie Lufven
Yoga studio owner (Miller Place, NY)
A fun and germ-free place

“As a parent of 3 young children, I enjoy having people over and organize playtime. To create a more welcoming, germ-free environment for my guests and their children I have decided to use the Mistmaster. Instead of spending a ton of money and time disinfecting with wipes, I run the Mistmaster on the blower mode, so I can easily and quickly sanitize the entire playground and the playroom.  I feel confident about creating a fun and safe place for all!”

Rebecca Perez
Mother of 3 (Philadelphia, PA)
A game changer in my Dojo

“Running a Dojo is not an easy thing… and with the recent COVID-19 pandemic it’s getting even more complicated. But with the Mistmaster at hand, I am able to disinfect everywhere, quickly and easily! I love the blower mode which allows me to treat a large areas in few minutes, while when I plug the wand I can clean and disinfect specific spots. A friend of mine has installed the overhead nozzles kit in the lockers, to repeatedly mist every night with a remote control — this is surely an additional feature I am going to install very soon!”

Kim Lee
Dojo owner (Fort Lauderdale, FL)