Mist for fresh, clean air with The Bask Mistmaster®

Got a gym in your basement that your son’s football team buddies regularly use? Run your town’s favorite yoga studio? Manage an upscale spa? Or maybe you’ve built yourself an outdoor oasis?

It’s okay to take a deep, long breath—with the Bask Mistmaster and our deodorizers, you’ll get to the source of the problem, eliminating the micro-organisms that cause malodors. Then, if you wish, you can replace them with the light, natural scent of one of our fragrances or essential oils.


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Simply fill the Bask Mistmaster with one of our deodorizing treatments and run the Mist Blower to quickly kill odor-causing micro-organisms across a large space or install our Mist Station Overhead Kit in a smaller fixed location and dispense regular deodorizing bursts with just a touch on the long-range remote control. 

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3-in-1 Compact Misting System

The industry’s first self-contained, high-powered but compactly sized, DIY misting system, packaged with best-in-class tactics to help you sanitize surfaces, protect from insects, nurture plants or eliminate odors.


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No more odors…quickly!

“As the manager of a car rental local business, I need to make sure my clients are satisfied with the whole service we offer them. Their first impression is essential, and it starts with the smell when they enter the car they have rent! Using the wand on the Mistmaster, my team can quickly clean and eliminate bad odors in the cars, such as tobacco or wet dog. This job takes no time, and our clients appreciate it very much! Thank you!”

Rachel Murray
Car Rental Manager (West Palm Beach, FL)
Keep the odors away when the dogs are inside

“As a dogs owner, it happens odors build up and stay trapped in my house for extended periods of time. After several attempts, simply using sprays from the local store does not cut it. Since I have a Mistmaster I can be sure to kill unwanted odors easily and efficiently. I just use the wand to thoroughly and quickly mist and clean the dogs pillows, the sofa, and the carpet areas that my two German Shepherds often frequent. Its works perfectly and I can finally enjoy my living room and relax!”

Suzan Mason
Accountant (Hartford, CT)
A game changer in my Dojo

“Running a Dojo is not an easy thing… and with the recent COVID-19 pandemic it’s getting even more complicated. But with the Mistmaster at hand, I am able to disinfect everywhere, quickly and easily! I love the blower mode which allows me to treat a large areas in few minutes, while when I plug the wand I can clean and disinfect specific spots. A friend of mine has installed the overhead nozzles kit in the lockers, to repeatedly mist every night with a remote control — this is surely an additional feature I am going to install very soon!”

Kim Lee
Dojo owner (Fort Lauderdale, FL)