Mist for Healthy Gardens with The Bask Mistmaster®

Even pros know it takes more than a green thumb to nurture lush leaves, brilliant blooms, and a healthy harvest. Enter the Bask Mistmaster and our range of fertilizers, fungicides, and pesticides.

Fill the Mistmaster with the treatment designed to address whatever is keeping your garden from growing to its potential—poor soil, icky diseases, or nasty bugs. Turn on the Mist Blower and let the mist settle quickly and evenly over plants and ground. Switch to the Misting Wand to get under leaves and in between branches and stems.

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In home or small professional greenhouses, install the Bask Mistmaster Mist Station Overhead Kit in a fixed location alongside overhead sprinkling systems. Then dispense regular bursts of the treatments your plants need most to thrive with just a touch of the long-range remote control.



3-in-1 Compact Misting System

The industry’s first self-contained, high-powered but compactly sized, DIY misting system, packaged with best-in-class tactics to help you sanitize surfaces, protect from insects, nurture plants or eliminate odors.

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Proud of my plants!

“As a greenhouse manager, I want to make sure I provide my clients with the best quality. I have been impressed by everything the Mistmaster can do for me to grow and maintain the health of my plants and trees. Using the wand enables me to treat each plant separately, while with the small mist station I have installed, I am able to distribute all the nutriments they need… all of that with only one device!”

Frank Hall
Greenhouse Manager (Houston, TX)
Cost and time effective – Get the job done!

“I own a landscaping company in South Florida and I’ve been offered to be part of the Bask Mistmaster testing phase before the launch. After reviewing the features with Bask, I evaluated the positive impact this compact device would have on our daily workload. Firstly, I valued the balance between efficiency, portability, and convenience and I agreed to try the portable option with the blower and the wand. Today, this higher-grade device allows us to reduce the volume of chemicals being used, we spend less time than before in treating backyards, and our customers have observed significant improvements in insect control.”

Fernando Ortiz
Landscaping company owner (Doral, FL)
Treating our DIY home garden, responsibly

“My wife and I are mindful of environmental impact and enjoy spending time in the backyard while teaching the kids the importance of nature. We recently discovered the Mistmaster and found it is a great solution for our backyard DIY home garden! We use the blower and the wand to effectively help protect and target insects that may feed off and destroy our beautiful tomatoes. Thanks to the very thin mist the Mistmaster distributes, we use a very small amount of treatment, acting responsibly without hurting the environment. I have red that you can also install a Mist Station by attaching mounted misting nozzles above some areas of your home garden: this will be our next project with the kids!”

Thomas Grane
Finance Director (Hudson, NY)