3-in-1 Compact Misting System

Professional-grade misting system to help you protect from insects, sanitize surfaces, nurture plants or eliminate odors.


A pro tool for everyone, everywhere.

With the Mistmaster® 3-in-1 Compact Misting System, we’re putting professional-grade misting performance right in your hands, reimagined for you to use with ease, in your home or small business.

It’s the industry’s first 3-in-1, high-powered but compactly-sized, DIY misting system, offered in a variety of configurations, all at affordable prices.

The Bask Mistmaster has been designed by a team with years of experience maintaining indoor and outdoor spaces in Florida’s challenging climate. We’ve made it to work there, so you can be sure it will work anywhere.

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Install one of the three Bask Mistmaster’s easy-to-assemble Mist Stations—use the Overhead Kit on fences, porch railings, pergolas, or walls or either the Slim Risers Kit or Ultra Slim Risers Kit ground stakes if no existing structure is available—to surround a smaller, indoor or outdoor space with permanent coverage.

Unhook the Bask Mistmaster, running off a charged battery, and use the powerful, built-in Mist Blower to quickly treat a broader perimeter or to focus on a specific area or large item in your space. Take your Mistmaster anywhere: in your yoga studio, day-care, office, home, in your garden, around your pool deck, or at the ball field or campsite.

Attach the handy Misting Wand to treat hard-to-reach spots, whether high off the ground or down in hidden crevices. The wand disperses mist in a cone shape, giving you finer control of your application. This is a perfect solution for treating indoor and outdoors specific areas, such as baseboards, eaves, or the doghouse.


Load the Bask Mistmaster with any of the broad range of treatments we have selected for you—just add water when instructed and get misting! Our Mist Station, Mist Blower, and Misting Wand release fine droplets that are evenly distributed in the air and settle over a wide radius, with great efficiency—minimizing the amount of chemicals you use while maximizing your treated area.

When installed in a fixed location, just a touch of the Bask Mistmaster long-range remote-control will deliver a short, 15-, 30-, or 45-second burst—so you can easily dispense a treatment on a regular basis, or run it immediately when urgently needed, while only using as little as needed each time.

Regardless of how you mist, our dripless feature prevents waste when the system is stopped—as does the quick-disconnect feature when you switch accessories.

Want to switch to a different treatment? No problem—just flush the tank and tubing. And regardless of what you’re using the device for, you’ll always have the option to choose from our range of products, including a selection of bio-based treatments that are as friendly to the environment as they are to people, pets and plants.

Sanitize Surfaces
Mist for germ-less places

Control Insects
Mist for bug-free spaces

Mist for fresh, clean air

Mist for healthy gardens

Treating our DIY home garden, responsibly

"My wife and I are mindful of environmental impact and enjoy spending time in the backyard while teaching the kids the importance of nature. We recently discovered the Mistmaster and found it is a great solution for our backyard DIY home garden! We use the blower and the wand to effectively help protect and target insects that may feed off and destroy our beautiful tomatoes. Thanks to the very thin mist the Mistmaster distributes, we use a very small amount of treatment, acting responsibly without hurting the environment. I have red that you can also install a Mist Station by attaching mounted misting nozzles above some areas of your home garden: this will be our next project with the kids!"

Thomas Grane
Finance Director (Hudson, NY)
No more odors…quickly!

"As the manager of a car rental local business, I need to make sure my clients are satisfied with the whole service we offer them. Their first impression is essential, and it starts with the smell when they enter the car they have rent! Using the wand on the Mistmaster, my team can quickly clean and eliminate bad odors in the cars, such as tobacco or wet dog. This job takes no time, and our clients appreciate it very much! Thank you!"

Rachel Murray
Car Rental Manager (West Palm Beach, FL)
Best tool to fight Covid-19!

I work for a family owned car rental. Since my team and I added the Mistmaster to our tools, we can deeply disinfect super quickly inside and outside every vehicle. Sanitizing a car has became an essential and standard routine in our job, and with this device it's just super easy to perform, in a very safely way. This help us keep the Covid-19 at bay and get rid of all germs and bacterias: which is great for our clients... and for us!

Enrique Yahuda
Car Rental Service Agent (West Palm Beach, FL)