3-in-1 Compact Misting System

Mist for bug-free spaces
Tired of mosquitoes and bugs?
This is the perfect tool for insect and pest control.

Tired of mosquitoes and bugs? The Bask Mistmaster is the perfect tool for insect and pest control.

Mosquitos. Flies. Ticks. Ants. Fleas. Biting insects are more than just annoying home and garden invaders—they’re increasingly a source of dangerous diseases. But they’re no match for the Bask Mistmaster.

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Bask MistmasterTM

3-in-1 Compact Misting System

Keep Your Loved Ones Healthy and Relaxed

Make your home everyone’s favorite destination by picking your favorite way to mist. Choose among the patented blower, station or wand options.

A professional grade tool for serious insect control.

The Mistmaster 3-in-1 Compact Misting System is the industry’s first self-contained, high-powered, and compactly sized DIY Pest Control Misting System, packaged with best-in-class tactics for home and small businesses bug control. It’s a great way to keep your space free from insects, bugs, and pests.

Bask misting technology

Misting makes controlling insects and pests almost effortless as it focuses on thoroughlycovering large areas quickly while eliminating bugs, mosquitoes, and other insects.

Maximize nature. Minimize chemicals.
Load the Bask Mistmaster with any of our broad range of treatments—just add a Bask-recommended product as indicated and get misting! Our Mist Station, Mist Blower, and Misting Wand release fine droplets that are evenly distributed in the air and settle over a wide radius, with great efficiency—minimizing the amount of chemicals you use while maximizing your treated area. When installed in a fixed location, just a touch of the Bask Mistmaster long range remote control will deliver a short, 15-, 30-, or 45-second burst—so you can easily dispense a treatment on a regular basis, or run it immediately when urgently needed, while only using as little as needed each time. Regardless of how you mist, our dripless feature prevents waste when the system is stopped—as does the quick-disconnect feature when you switch accessories.

The Mistmaster treats 20x faster and uses 8x less treatment – so you can cover up to 110,000 sq ft in 20 minutes. Bugs and insects don’t stand a chance!

A wide selection of treatments

Want to switch to a different treatment? No problem—just flush the tank and tubing. And regardless of what you’re using the device for, you’ll always have the option to choose from a range of products, selected by Bask, including bio-based treatments that are as friendly to the environment as they are to people, pets and plants.

•Bed Bugs

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Cost and time effective – Get the job done!

“I own a landscaping company in South Florida and I’ve been offered to be part of the Bask Mistmaster testing phase before the launch. After reviewing the features with Bask, I evaluated the positive impact this compact device would have on our daily workload. Firstly, I valued the balance between efficiency, portability, and convenience and I agreed to try the portable option with the blower and the wand. Today, this higher-grade device allows us to reduce the volume of chemicals being used, we spend less time than before in treating backyards, and our customers have observed significant improvements in insect control.”

Fernando Ortiz
Landscaping company owner (Doral, FL)
A family life changer!

“I had the opportunity to find out about the Mistmaster when participating in focus group testing. This portable misting device has been a life-changer for our family. Now we can enjoy spending time in our backyard more than inside the house without worrying about bug bites anymore. I mist 2 times a week and use the wand for specific backyard areas once in a while. It appears to be enough to keep bugs away. The only negative thing I can think of is the weight when fully loaded.”

Laura Mark
Mother of two, house owner (Miami Gardens, FL)
My go-to device when Rving!

“I’ve been introduced to the Bask Mistmaster by a friend at a campsite. We went fishing together and my friend brought the misting system. I was skeptical but I must admit that I’ve never experienced such a pleasant fishing moment at dawn connecting with nature and wildlife keeping mosquitoes at bay. This device does the job and I really look forward to getting one.”

Robert Hopkins
Retired Engineer, RV owner (Palmetto Bay, FL)