Indoor Mosquitoes: How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes Inside the House

Here’s a scenario that’s not uncommon: You’re sitting on your patio on a warm summer evening when you hear the constant drone of mosquitoes buzzing around your head. You don’t know how to get rid of mosquitoes outdoors with DIY methods, so you move inside to avoid their nasty bites.

However, to your dismay, the pesky insects have found their way into your house and begun their harassment there. You’re inconsolable; it’s one thing to put up with them outside, but being indoors is too much to handle.

What’s a homeowner to do? Stay tuned!

Why do I have mosquitoes in my house?

Mosquitoes are skilled at finding ways to invade your home using any available portal. They are pretty small and have no problem coming through the tiniest hole in a screen. Although they don’t actively look for those holes, they might be walking on the screen and are attracted to the light or heat inside, and that little hole is their access point.

They could also hitch a ride on your pet, kids, or you. And speaking of kids, every time they leave a door open, they have extended an invitation to every mosquito in the area. Other ways they enter include carports, garages, bathroom exhaust fans, attic soffits, and poorly sealed windows.

Let’s face it, mosquitoes can get into your house relatively quickly, but where do they go once they’re in there?

Where do mosquitoes hide inside the house?

Mosquitoes can hide anywhere, but you’ll likely find them in your bedroom. They seek out narrow, dark areas where you won’t easily see them. Then, they wait until you’re sleeping before going on the attack. Among their favorite hiding places in the bedroom are: 

  • Bathrooms
  • Wardrobe
  • Dresser drawers
  • Along the ceiling
  • On the walls
  • Behind the doors
  • On shelving
  • Under the bed
  • On or under furniture
  • In computers and electronic devices
  • Under desks
  • Near sources of light or water

Since you know how they get in and where they hide, you should now turn your thoughts to, how do I get rid of mosquitoes in my house?

How do I kill mosquitoes indoors without harming my family in the process?

Did you know there’s a DIY system that shows you how to get rid of mosquitoes indoors without endangering people, pets, plants, or the environment? It’s called the Mistmaster 3-in-1- Compact Misting System, and it eliminates indoor mosquitoes and can also get rid of mosquitoes in the yard with the same DIY system!

You can use the Mistmaster in three ways, both indoors and outdoors! 

  1. As a portable tool with the built-in Mist Blower – The blower function allows you to swiftly treat large areas, for example, you can walk around and quickly cover the perimeter of your yard, party tent, or campsite.
  2. Another portable option is the misting wand attachment – For when you need to reach small areas and difficult-to-reach spots, like crevices or baseboards in your home.
  3. As a fixed installation, the Mist Station – Treat the same spaces, with the help of the Overhead Kit to dispense regular bursts with just a touch of the long-range remote control.

However, if you choose to use it, you’ll have a versatile and professional-grade misting system that you can safely use to kill mosquitoes indoors and outdoors. At Bask, we recommend CSI Cyzmic Concentrate Insecticide and Zoecon Essentria IC3 Concentrate Insecticide to kill mosquitoes indoors and outside. The Cyzmic concentrate provides a potent knockdown to get rid of mosquitoes indoors immediately. Still, it can also be applied directly to walls, ceilings, window screens, and other resting areas as a residual surface treatment. Essentria IC3 is another professional-grade option, which is an all-natural residual insecticide that can be used at home safely to kill flying and crawling insects. Essentria IC3 has no aquatic toxicity, so you can apply it near or over water for spiders, mosquitoes, and other water-dwelling pests with no worries about harming aquatic life.

No matter how you choose to use the Mistmaster, stay bug-free with one of our selected treatments to knock down and repel insect populations away. Insects are much more than annoying home and patio invaders, they are a source of dangerous diseases. With the Mistmaster, you can protect your home from flies, ticks, ants, and fleas, among many others.  

Let the experts show you how to get rid of mosquitoes inside your home

At Bask, we understand that people want to enjoy their outdoor and indoor spaces without the insect bites that can ruin the good times. Our misting system helps individuals and businesses control insects, sanitize surfaces, nurture plants, and eliminate odors.

Please let us know how we can help you by filling out our convenient contact form or calling us at 1-888-814-2275.

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