How To Use the Mistmaster™ for Your Business Sanitization Needs

Maintaining good hygiene and sanitation is essential to the health and safety of the general public. Thoroughly sanitizing a physical space should be a regular part of your daily routine to protect yourselves and others from disease and getting sick. 

Whether you are a business owner, city or county public health employee or manage a service company, many consumers would greatly benefit from using state-of-the-art Bask products that get the job done.

The Bask Mistmaster 3-in-1 Compact Misting System is equipped with versatile applications for tackling sanitation  and other aspects such as insect control, plant health or odor management. Today, we’ll be focusing on the sanitization aspect as that is an important issue on everyone’s radars lately. 

Our innovative professional premium-grade tool is intended for everyone to use—anytime there’s a need to sanitize large areas or hard-to-reach surfaces. Use it as frequently or as needed to safely sanitize surfaces using three different indoor and outdoor misting techniques: the Misting Wand for precise targeting of hard-to-reach areas, the Mist Blower to tackle large outdoor and indoor areas such as a business’s street entrance area, lobby, or lunch room, and the Mist Station to treat repeatedly common used areas from the touch of the Mistmaster long range remote control. With the Mistmaster, you will create inviting and welcoming places void of germs so that you can maintain the daily operations of your space with confidence.

Amid news of the public health pandemic known as COVID-19, sanitizing both indoor and outdoor spaces is more important than ever. Sanitation is important for maintaining the health and wellness and overall appearance and accessibility of a particular space.

Sanitizing Jungle Gyms and Playgrounds

Now let’s talk about backyard jungle gyms and elementary school gymnasiums or playgrounds. They’re favorite hangout spots for kids—and their germs. It’s also a perfect place for the Bask Mistmaster. Select one of our sanitizing treatments and use the Mist Blower to quickly cover broad spaces or large structures like the monkey bars or locker room areas at the school gym.

You can attach the Misting Wand to reach into often-forgotten or difficult-to-clean spots. Or install the Mist Station Overhead Kit and dispense regular bursts for permanent sanitizing. With every option, you’ll know our misting system minimizes chemical use while maximizing coverage so that you can sit back and watch the kids run wild—while keeping the cold and flu in check.

Protect the Health of Others in Public Spaces

Run a restaurant, the gym, or health clinic? Bask Mistmaster will work well for you too—it’s a great way to sanitize your space after a busy day. Just add the Bask Mistmaster to your team’s cleaning cart along with a stock of our suggested sanitizing treatments. They’ll be pleased to have a pro tool to use and you’ll know you’ll be keeping everyone as safe as the pros do.

Whether you’re running a detox juicing business, cafe, a local car rental company, or corporate business, the health and well-being of your employees and customers is important. Some of the common places that spread germs include restrooms, faucets, office spaces, desk areas, lobby areas, and more. Some specific smaller areas can be even more active: doorknobs, lift buttons, mailboxes … We call them hot spots! The Mistmaster releases thin particles into the air to help you sanitize these hot spots and your frequently used spaces while keeping it looking clean and breathable. 

The bottom line is that Bask products can help thoroughly sanitize recreational centers, schools, pools, business spaces, and just about any other place you can imagine so that you can go back to focusing on other important aspects of your work or life. 

Help keep your interior and outdoor spaces as clean as possible without having it become a breeding ground for public health sanitation problems. Let Bask help you properly sanitize your indoor and outdoor business space with effective and trusted solutions that get the job done. Stay healthy and keep your places sanitized!

Let Bask help you, so that you can go back to focusing on other important aspects of your life. 

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