How to Throw the Perfect Backyard BBQ

The sun is out and shining, which means it’s time to fire up the grill. It’s officially time to move your party to the backyard and hit play on the outside stereos. Whether you’re hosting a big party, or just hanging out with family, we want all of your backyard BBQs to be memorable. Here’s how you can throw the perfect BBQ while it’s still summertime. 

The first item on our list: food. Whether you’re looking to serve easy snacks or something extraordinary, no food is more important than the other. Some quick bites include chips and crackers, dips, and wings. More exceptional BBQ eats include grilled chicken, hot dogs, burgers, corn on the cob, and other grilled vegetables. All foods offered at a BBQ are notable, so it truly doesn’t matter what you serve, as long as you serve something. Add some fun and flavorful cocktails, or mocktails, to sip on while the food cooks and you’re golden. 

Next up, the ambiance. Blast the tunes, specifically top hits of the year, and get the party started. Once the grill and music are both going, you’ll need to make sure there is enough space for people to eat, dance, or lounge. An open area for dancing is crucial, as is a designated area for people to eat at. Find patio furniture that matches your vibe and create a layout that your guests will enjoy when you’re hosting. 

Lastly, the essentials. Sunscreen, bug maintenance, and games are critical. Firstly, everyone should be wearing sunscreen. Our sun is powerful and we don’t want anyone leaving with painful burns. Biting insects are a time of the past if you have a Mistmaster nearby.  When it comes to planning and hosting a backyard hangout, use your Bask Mistmaster 3-in-1 Compact Misting System to keep the insects away so your guests don’t get bit up. Games are the real star when it comes to keeping kids engaged. We won’t be surprised if the adults get involved though. Everyone will want to get their game on, especially if there’s cornhole or horseshoe. 

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There’s no doubt you’re going to be throwing the best BBQs this summer. You and your guests are going to have the best time gathering together, eating great food, and dancing the day (or night) away. The kids will keep themselves entertained with the games while the adults nosh, drink, and dance. Here’s to summer, sunshine, and most of all, hosting the perfect BBQ.

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