Introducing the


3-in-1 Compact Misting System

The industry’s first self-contained, high-powered but compactly sized misting system, packaged with best-in-class tactics to help you protect from insects, sanitize surfaces, nurture plants or eliminate odors.

A family life changer!

"I had the opportunity to find out about the Mistmaster when participating in focus group testing. This portable misting device has been a life-changer for our family. Now we can enjoy spending time in our backyard more than inside the house without worrying about bug bites anymore. I mist 2 times a week and use the wand for specific backyard areas once in a while. It appears to be enough to keep bugs away. The only negative thing I can think of is the weight when fully loaded."

Laura Mark
Mother of two, house owner (Miami Gardens, FL)
Cost and time effective – Get the job done!

“I own a landscaping company in South Florida and I've been offered to be part of the Bask Mistmaster testing phase before the launch. After reviewing the features with Bask, I evaluated the positive impact this compact device would have on our daily workload. Firstly, I valued the balance between efficiency, portability, and convenience and I agreed to try the portable option with the blower and the wand. Today, this higher-grade device allows us to reduce the volume of chemicals being used, we spend less time than before in treating backyards, and our customers have observed significant improvements in insect control.”

Fernando Ortiz
Landscaping company owner (Doral, FL)
My favorite tool to sanitize the school

"Working as a School Buildings Manager in New York City does not leave me with a lot of free time, especially during the current Covid-19 pandemic. For the school, which spans two buildings from preschool to middle school, disinfecting on a regular basis becomes essential, and thanks to the Bask Mistmaster I save a lot of time when performing this task.
The Mistmaster allows me to sanitize both school buildings in less time and with better coverage. I am especially fond of the mist blower option. This is my favorite setting to cover big areas with an equal distribution of fine mist throughout the whole classroom. Mist particles are so fine that any school paper material does not need to be removed and is not affected by this process at all. Therefore there is no need to prep the space before use.
Here at the school, we are paying attention not only to disinfecting big spaces, but also to disinfecting the radiator units, blowout grill areas as well as tight kitchen spaces. For this task, it is great to have the Mistmaster wand as an option. It is a quick snap-on attachment for hard to reach places. A single nozzle does a great job for applying disinfectant to a specific area.
Overall the Mistmaster is an incredibly nifty machine that has quickly become my favorite piece of equipment to use. 
Thank you Bask."

Jan Salamon
School Buildings Maintenance Manager (New York, NY)