Going Green: How to Keep Your Grass Green & Healthy

Did you know, each month on average homeowners spend an average of $50 to $300 on lawn specialist services? Depending on the size of the yard and the work required.

But why all the effort? A healthy lawn isn’t just a great way to increase curb appeal and property value. A thick, thriving lawn also benefits the environment by trapping carbon dioxide, improving soil, reducing erosion, decreasing noise pollution, and reducing temperatures. 

A beautiful yard to be proud of takes effort, but your summer lawn care schedule doesn’t have to be expensive professional work, simple steps go a long way in keeping a greener lawn and looking great:

Fertilize at the start of summer. Prepping with summer lawn fertilizer just ahead of peak growing season (May-June) will give your grass the nutrients it needs to grow healthier and greener. After applying, water your grass lightly to help it set in—the Mistmaster® is an excellent application for adding bug spray simultaneously if you struggle with critters—and avoid applying just before heavy rain!

Fertilize again at the end. Treating lawns isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it process. A lush, greener lawn doesn’t just require summer grass fertilizer, it requires a second application in early fall to help it take on the winter ahead.

Shorter isn’t necessarily better. How to make my grass thicker? You may be wondering what the secret is to a perfectly fluffy lawn. Cutting your grass too much can do more harm than good, especially in hot, sunny climate states. Too short, and it could burn, while leaving it on the slightly longer side encourages deeper roots that find more water. Don’t bother picking up the clippings, they’re just extra nutrients!

More water, less frequently. Daily watering isn’t necessary, in fact it’s just wasteful. Water every other day, or even every few days, depending on the climate and season. Mornings are the best time as the hot afternoon sun will cause it to evaporate before it gets down to the roots. 

Get those weeds! Weeds are a constant nuisance that can suck nutrients from the grass and turn a pristine lawn into an eyesore. The best way is to dig them up at the root. But if that’s not for you, a weed killer compatible with your misting system of choice is the easiest way to spray for pesky weeds. 

Lawn Treatment For Pests

After fertilizing & keeping weeds out, there’s still the ever-present threat of pests. They can ravage plants and, should they make a home for themselves, breed to the point of making your yarn unenjoyable. That’s why Basks’ Mistmaster® 3-in-1 Misting System is bound to become your most essential yard summer landscaping maintenance tool. With its 3 configurations—a blower for large areas, a wand feature to get in between leaves and a remote-controlled station setting for fixed locations alongside overhead sprinkling systems—it’s sure to cover yards of any size and shape. Though it brings the performance of a professional-grade system, it’s perfectly at home as a domestic tool thanks to its lightweight, compact design and emission-free functionality. Discover how the Mistmaster can work for you, and the range of products available to treat for plant fungus and pests. 

Take control of your yard with the Mistmaster 3-in-1 Compact Misting System

The Mistmaster is a powerful-yet-compact DIY misting system designed to protect your home, yard, family & pets from the dangers and annoyance of bug bites. With one of our recommended Mistmaster treatments, you can control insects indoors & out! This multifunctional misting system not only does away with flying and crawling insects, but also sanitizes surfaces, nurtures plants, and eliminates odors—and with its blower, wand and misting station settings, it’s made to adapt effortlessly to any job.

Bask is here to teach you how to care for your lawn, while you enjoy all of your spaces without pesky insects, germs, odors, or the high costs of extermination services. Please let us know how we can help you by filling out our convenient contact form or calling us at 1-888-814-2275. 

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