Eco-Friendly Bug Spray: Environmentally Safe Mosquito Control for Your Yard

Try to remember the last time you were outside enjoying some downtime or working in your garden without being surrounded by mosquitoes. Right! You can’t recall that ever happening. Maybe that’s because you believed the only way to keep your yard free of insects was by spraying harmful chemicals on it—chemicals that could endanger your family, pets, or the environment.

But what if you found out there is an environmentally-friendly insect repellent that knocks down flying insects and keeps them away? And then, imagine that you discovered it does it safely without using those sticky, smelly repellents you apply to your skin. That would be a significant game-changer!

Well, check out this eco mosquito control system that does all that!

Environmentally safe mosquito control for your yard and garden

A system for creating a safe, insect-free lawn and patio is now available. The Mistmaster 3-in-1 Compact Misting System, coupled with one of our eco bug sprays, puts a professional-grade misting system in your hands, enabling you to give your property a green mosquito treatment without hiring an expensive service.

For example, the Zoecon Essentria IC3 Concentrate Insecticide is an environmentally-friendly bug control and killer solution that does its job with the help of all-natural essential oils, such as rosemary, wintergreen, and peppermint. It offers eco mosquito control that immediately offers protection against mosquitoes and other insects for about 24 hours.

How does misting provide eco-friendly mosquito control?

Maintaining a bug-free area requires a multi-faceted approach known as integrated pest management (IPM). In addition to eliminating insects at each of their life stages (eggs, larvae, and adults), it also focuses on getting rid of the habitats where they live and breed. Minimizing chemicals is a primary principle behind IPM, and it is achieved through surveillance of pest populations and environmental conditions. At Bask, we’ve applied our expertise in maintaining indoor and outdoor spaces in challenging climates to develop an all-in-one useful tool that fits within our customer’s everyday reach.

We created an eco-friendly solution that minimizes waste, with the application of small amounts of product to large areas. Thanks to the Mistmaster’s ability to cover surfaces evenly, you won’t have to constantly be reapplying the treatment. When fine droplets produced by the Mistmaster are dispersed towards the targeted surface you’re only using the right amount of treatment you need to get the job done. By spraying only what you need, where you need it, you maximize results while minimizing waste.

What else can I do to enhance the eco-friendly bug spray?

You can boost the effectiveness of the Mistmaster and curb your chemical use by eliminating the habitats that nurture biting insects. Look at the standing water in your gutters, gardens, birdbaths, and planters. Clean your gutters, change the water in your birdbaths regularly and make sure any pools and ponds are circulating. Also, keep your lawn mowed and free of leaves, and maintain a 3-foot mulch or stone barrier between plant beds or woodland areas and lawns.

The Benefits of Controlling Your Mosquito Problems

The key to fully controlling mosquito or backyard bug populations are using applications in tandem consistently. With all the right features at your fingertips, the Mistmaster can be controlled by you in the comfort of your own home. With all methods needed for mosquito control in one device, you can repel or knock-down populations that may be swarming outside, some of which are even looking for a way inside your home.

When looking at patio misters and the best misting services, it’s important to analyze how often you would use the product. Do you spend lots of time hoping to enjoy your outdoor space? Are you the host for many outdoor gatherings, barbeques, or even playdates for your kids? We recommend preparing for an extended period of time in an outdoor area, such as a party, through the use of the blower application to deal with populations in the large space, helping fight away heavy amounts of bugs in the air. Or if your child wants to play outside, your previously installed overhead misters should be used so there aren’t any mosquitoes in the air. This can be done with just a touch of the long-range remote control for easy maintenance at your convenience.

If you’re looking to enjoy the outdoor space you love, mosquito prevention starts with investing in a tool that is a long-term solution for bug control. Long-term treatment through an outdoor bug spray company can rack up service costs and requires ahead-of-time scheduling. With your own misting machine, you can minimize costs, use the tool when you need a quick spray, and choose your own environmentally-friendly insect repellent.

Besides eco mosquito control, are there any other benefits from the Mistmaster?

Although the Mistmaster compact system provides environmentally-safe mosquito control, that’s not all it accomplishes outdoors; there are also separate treatment solutions that help nurture plants in your home garden. Additionally, homeowners can use the Mistmaster to eliminate odors or sanitize surfaces within their homes with the respective treatment solutions. 

The experts at Bask can help you with more than eco mosquito control

At Bask, we want to keep you safe from fungus, germs, viruses, and those flying and crawling pests trying to ruin the good times. Whether you’re indoors or outside, our misting system will give you peace of mind by controlling insects, nurturing plants, sanitizing surfaces, and eliminating odors.

Please let us know how we can help you by filling out our convenient contact form or calling us at 1-888-814-2275. 

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