Cockroach Extermination Methods for Effective Roach Elimination 

It’s been said that cockroaches would be one of the only creatures to survive after a nuclear disaster. Therefore, you may be wondering how you could ever rid yourself of these seemingly indestructible creatures. There are different species of cockroaches including the German cockroach, Florida cockroach, Australian roach, and more.

Well, roaches may be tough, but there are many effective ways to get these critters out of your home and back into nature, where they belong. 

In this article, we’ll review some of the top methods for ridding you of your roach problem.

Best Roach Extermination Methods: Tips on How to Prevent Cockroaches

1. Set Traps

There are a number of ways to trap roaches who have entered your home. 

One such way is to use a sticky substance, such as glue, as part of your trap. These can be set anywhere, but if you use them near a high-traffic roach area, you might have better luck catching them. 

Many of these traps emit smells that entice the roaches, encouraging them to come closer. When they do, they often step on the sticky trap and they are never able to free themselves.

Another trap method is a bait station. Just as it sounds, a bait station uses food to funnel the cockroach down a long tube. Once inside, the cockroach eats the bait, which is usually poisoned. Then, of course, the cockroach quickly dies due to the fast-acting poison.

If you plan to use poisoned bait traps, or similar roach extermination methods, you’ll want to be very careful, especially if you have children or pets. Anything that eats these substances could potentially become very ill or, depending on how much was consumed, suffer a much worse fate.

2. Seal Off Any Access to the Outside

This method is more about how to prevent cockroaches, rather than a cockroach eradication method. However, this step can go a long way toward ridding your home of roaches. Best of all, this method can be paired with an effective roach extermination method as well.

Often, cockroaches will enter a home through open pipes, drains, and cracks in doorways. By sealing any openings as best you can, you’ll be able to cut off a major pathway for roaches entering your home.

3. Use the Best Available Sprays

Sometimes, you might need to resort to some different cockroach extermination methods, such as the use of chemicals and sprays.

There are tons of available products that can kill roaches and discourage them from entering your home. However, it is advisable to do plenty of research before moving forward with a certain method. Furthermore, you may need to reach out to a cockroach exterminator to do the actual application. Some of these sprays can be very harsh and may be harmful to human health, if not used correctly.

Bask recommends a health-safe cockroach control agent, such as Zoecon Essentria IC3 Concentrate Insecticide, that can be used in the Mistmaster® to eliminate cockroaches both inside and outside the home. Bask recommends this specific treatment because of its ability to immediately kill cockroaches, while also being safe for your health to use at home. 

Although we recommend the Zoecon Essentria IC3 Concentrate Insecticide, other treatments can also be used inside the Mistmaster to eliminate cockroaches. Overall, it is the Mistmaster’s ability to treat hard-to-reach locations that make cockroach elimination so easy and effective. 

If you’re interested in learning more, check out our recommended insecticide today.

4. Keep Your House Tidy

One of the best things you can do to prevent pests is to keep your house in order. By simply picking up dirty clothes, cleaning up thoroughly after meals, and generally practicing good cleanliness techniques, you’ll give roaches less reason to bother your home. Truly, this is one of the most effective roach elimination methods.

This is also true for roaches found outside in your yard. Give those roaches fewer places to hide, and they will be easier to spot.

Bask Solutions Mistmaster

For the outdoors, and large, open areas, the Mistmaster offers the perfect solution. The Mistmaster is considered to be one of the best professional roach extermination kits.

Our product offers a host of benefits for those attempting to exterminate roaches. The 3-in-1 Mistmaster sprays a wide area, repelling any bugs and destroying any pathogens it encounters.
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