Centipede In House? How To Kill Centipedes with Easy to Use Devices

Want to find out how to kill a centipede, and finally get those little critters out of your home for good? You’re in for a “little centipede” treat, because you are about to learn how to remove centipedes from your home and finally sleep at ease!

You know the feeling when you are in the kitchen cooking a meal for your family, then out of the blue, you see the million leg bug crawling on the kitchen table…Crippled from fear, you drop everything from your hands, and shout to your bravest family member to get rid of the creepy crawler? If this sounds familiar, keep reading to find out how to get rid of centipedes in your house, and finally relax without having to shiver and shrug from those pesky little things once in for all!

Here are three ways to get rid of centipedes:

1. Homemade solutions for house centipedes

If you don’t want to purchase insecticides and prefer a convenient, natural way to get rid of centipedes from your home, there are some methods you can try! If you want to know how to kill centipedes using what you have in your own home, this is for you!

Centipedes are attracted to damp, moist areas of your home in search of water and warmth. Because of this, you’ll often find centipedes in humid areas of your home such as the bathroom or basement. If you have a dehumidifier in your home, this can be a great solution when it comes to preventing centipedes. 

An additional method that you can try to prevent centipedes is cayenne pepper. This pepper can produce extreme heat for centipedes, causing them to avoid the area. You can put cayenne pepper on all doorways, windows, and other cracks in your home to make sure you deter these creatures. While cayenne pepper may not kill all centipedes, this gives you the opportunity to prevent them from entering your home!

Another option is Vinegar. You can place vinegar solution in a spray bottle to directly target centipedes in your home. The overwhelming odor of vinegar will kill centipedes due to the sensory overload and dehydration it causes to their exoskeletons. Certain essential oils like tea tree and peppermint oils have a similar effect on centipedes. Vinegar and essential oils give you the opportunity to eliminate centipedes without any chemicals that could be harmful for the environment.

These methods probably won’t be as strong as using a pesticide, but it can slow them down by being strategic. You might think, how do house centipedes get in the house in the first place?

You may be (unintentionally) letting them in! Try practicing other preventative methods like keeping doors shut, sealing off cracks and crevices in your home, and avoid laying indoor items outside because you might be accidentally tracking them inside.

2. Centipede traps

If you want to catch these multi legged worms without using harsh chemicals that can potentially harm your pets or family, you can also try utilizing centipede traps. Centipede traps are equipped with a powerful, sticky adhesive that traps the insect until they die. These traps can also be effective for other insects that may be crawling around your home, making it a multi-purpose solution. 

Centipedes hunt at night and are more active around those times when there aren’t any giants walking around. You can purchase these sticky traps and lay them around all entryways to ensure that once they come out, they get caught on the sticky traps! All you need to do is wake up and put them in the trash, making this method extremely simple, but also effective. Centipede natural pest control options are limited, but this is one of the best options if you want to keep these creepy crawlers out of your house.

3. Treatment solutions

So you’ve tried homemade remedies and traps, but you’re still facing a near invasion from these creatures and you’re at your wit’s end. It’s time to up the ante and administer some treatment, like using an insect spray for centipedes.

Unfortunately, over-the-counter insecticides are often very harsh and could contaminate the area from oversaturation. These insecticides are also under-effective and tend to have many failure points. You want something more gentle, while also being effective, easy to use, and safe for your family, friends, and pets. 

That’s where the Bask Mistmaster® comes in. This revolutionary 3-in-1 compact misting system can be used either as a mist blower, misting wand, or automated misting station. 

The Mistmaster’s three different functions have the following capabilities:

  • Mist Blower: Allows for portable, widespread treatment of large areas such as your backyard, campsite, or pool deck. With this function, you can eliminate centipedes in the area surrounding your home before they can make it inside.
  • Misting Wand: This tool can be attached to your portable Mistmaster to cover small, hard-to-reach areas such as cracks, crevices, or even along the baseboards of your home. This function gives you more precise control over the area you’re treating. 
  • Mist Station: For a more fixed installation, use our Misting Station function to dispense treatment with just the click of a button from a remote control. This function is ideal for outdoor areas, such as your backyard or patio, that you intend to treat repeatedly.

The Mistmaster unit disperses treatment at a constant high-pressure of 160-180 PSI. Bask also recommends all-natural treatment solutions that are free of harsh chemicals, such as the Zoecon Essentria IC3 Concentrate Insecticide, that can be used in the Mistmaster to eliminate insects. This ensures that centipedes and other intruders will stand no chance, but you and your loved ones can breathe freely knowing you didn’t entirely decimate the space with harsh chemicals.

Luckily, the Mistmaster also has additional capabilities aside from killing centipedes. Some of these functions include: 

The Bask Mistmaster is an easy, hassle-free method of providing treatment applications for pest control, and it does so in a much safer way than your over-the-counter aerosol cans can! This Mistmaster is a diverse tool that has the ability to do even more than just ridding your home of centipedes. 

Final thoughts

There are many great ways to address centipedes in the house. Of course, natural remedies and traps are great because they are simple and easily found around your house. However, sometimes enough is enough and it’s time for a more efficient solution to eradicate the pest presence once and for all.

When it’s time to make sure you get rid of centipedes for good, you’ll want to use the Bask Mistmaster and a great treatment solution. Contact us today for more information. 

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