Boat Misting System You Need to Keep Spiders Off Your Boat Dock

As sure as night follows day, if you are near a body of water, you will have to contend with spiders. That dock spider’s nest you see near your boat will soon be on your boat unless you do something to prevent it.

Although most of these scary creatures may not do much physical harm, they are still unwelcome guests—it’s almost certain that your passengers will not appreciate getting caught up in one of their webs. And then there’s the problem of the spider droppings—black, brown, and gray pin-pricks that end up in your seats and just about every other nook & cranny.

And you can’t just assume that the spider you see on the boat dock is one of the harmless varieties of dock spiders. North America is home to a couple of spider species—the brown recluse and the black widow—that can deliver potentially dangerous bites resulting in acute pain, skin necrosis, and sometimes death.

Don’t take chances. Get rid of these annoying arachnids by killing them and preventing them from hopping aboard to begin with. Here’s how to do it safely:

The Mist Spiders Fear.

To keep spiders off your boat dock is a lot easier than you think. A compact spider misting system, called the Mistmaster, is a DIY solution that protects the boat and dock from spiders and other insects. Not only that, but that same system is also capable of sanitizing your boat’s surfaces and eliminating odors (are you going to be cleaning a few fish?), all while controlling those pesky biting insects when docking in different places!

How Does the Boat Misting System Work?

Liquid micro-droplets are sprayed and suspended in the air, settling over the boat & dock as a fine mist. The Mistmaster works with a specific liquid treatment and airflow from an internal blower. The air propels the mist to the maximum distance as air intake vents on the sides of the Mistmaster allow air to flow freely into the blower. The innovative process minimizes the amount of insecticide needed while maximizing the treated area.

How Can A Spider Misting System be Safe so Close to the Water?

Spider-proofing the dock and your boat with a Mistmaster is an easy and inexpensive way to eliminate the arachnid problem, but what about the surrounding aquatic ecosystem? You need to use something that won’t cause harm to the environment—but is there really a product that controls spiders and a host of insects without putting humans, pets, and aquatic life in danger? The answer is, “Absolutely!”

Zoecon Essentria IC3 Concentrate Insecticide to the Rescue!

Insects are a spider’s favorite food, so the most effective products contain ingredients that kill both spiders and mosquitos, eliminating the spiders’ food source and discouraging the pesky arachnids from coming back.

Zoecon Essentria IC3 works exceptionally well with the Mistmaster 3-in-1 Compact Misting System. The all-natural insecticide is safe for indoor or outdoor use. Yet, it is professional-grade, strong enough to quickly knock down and kill all sorts of crawling and flying insects along with those creepy-crawly spiders.

The essential oils that make up the insecticide—including peppermint, geraniol, and rosemary, among others—provide effective long-term residual control for most insects. However, it’s important to note, pests that reproduce through egg sacs should still receive treatment every 7-10 days. While the protective scent barrier repels what is present in the air, ongoing treatment plays an essential role in preventing reproduction. Because Essentria IC3 has no aquatic toxicity, you can apply it near or over water for spiders, mosquitoes, and other water-dwelling pests without worrying about damaging the delicate marine ecosystem.

Talk to the Experts About a Boat Misting System

Whether it’s a backyard garden or patio, an indoor entertainment area or that relaxing boat and the dock where it rests, we at Bask are committed to solving the problems that keep people from thoroughly enjoying their favorite spaces.

Misting has been shown to have distinct advantages over traditional spray methods to help consumers sanitize surfaces, control insects, nurture plants, and eliminate odors. Our Mistmaster 3-in-1 Compact Misting System is the first in our new family of misting systems that evenly distributes fine droplets of carefully formulated liquid products over a designated area. 

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