Behind Bask: Premium Tools for your Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

At Bask, we are dedicated to solving real-world issues surrounding sanitization, insect control, plant health, and odor control, in an effective and inventive manner. We believe in empowering our customers and giving them the opportunity to use tools that inspire the problem-solver mindset that Bask was built on. 

Intended for those who enjoy the feeling of working with equipment that gets the job done, our performance-grade misting systems are both durable and easy to use. 

Our flagship products were developed and manufactured in South Florida with its challenging climate problems in mind. After consistent disappointments from using mass-produced products, we realized the need to create a more practical solution that offered long-term results without professional installation or maintenance.

Trust us, we know what it’s like to use tools that don’t stand the test of time, so ensuring the quality of our tools was essential to the Bask team. This is why we took such a thorough approach to the design and execution of our Bask products.  

Using our expertise and findings, we set out to create an experience and set a tone that would invite men and women to engage, learn, and be proactive in taking care of their spaces.

That’s what sets Bask apart.

Introducing: The Mistmaster 3-in-1 Compact Misting System

The industry’s first high-powered and compactly sized, misting device. 

If you’re tired of relying on temporary traditional spraying methods to protect from insects, sanitize surfaces, nurture plants, or control odors, we offer an alternative that works for both private and commercial spaces.

We leverage all the advantages of misting (link to another blog post explaining why misting is better than spraying)—in which very fine droplets of a selected treatment are evenly distributed across an area. By design, we provide the answer to individuals, small businesses, and local communities who are looking for a new, dead-simple, and responsibly made, a performance-grade tool to manage and maintain their space.

Having trouble maintaining your indoor and outdoor spaces? 

See what the buzz is all about Bask’s Signature Product, The Mistmaster.

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