At What Temperatures Do Mosquitoes Die? When to Start Spraying for Mosquitoes As Seasons Change

We’ve all been there. You’re trying to enjoy the warm weather when you feel the trademark sting of a mosquito bite. Before long, the bite reddens and swells as you try your best not to scratch it incessantly.

At best, a mosquito bite is a nuisance for clients. At worst, they may wind up with a nasty disease that completely wreaks havoc on their health. Mosquitoes are not just annoying, but also can be dangerous. Ticks, fleas, ants, and other common public pests pose similar problems as well.

Pest control experts know this, and so do clients and customers. To position yourself as an industry leader and overall impressive organization, it’s imperative you make use of all solutions to kill off these pests and offer your clientele a more convenient, pest-free experience.

‘Tis the Mosquito Season

Wouldn’t it be nice if all mosquitoes died and went extinct without your pest control efforts? Summers would certainly be less work intensive for your business.

These common pests don’t remain prevalent year-round. Instead, mosquitoes thrive mostly when the temperature is 80 degrees or higher . Colder temperatures discourage their activity or kill them outright, so if you’re wondering, “When do mosquitoes go away?” then you need only look at the thermometer.

Mosquitoes are cold blooded creatures that lack the ability to regulate their own body temperature. This means whatever the temperature is outside is also a mosquitoes body temperature. So when the temperature outside is less than a mosquitoes liking, your clients will see a lot less of these insects.

We know that mosquitoes generally disappear when the cold weather comes in, but at what temperature do mosquitoes die? The rule of thumb is that once temperatures are consistently below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, mosquitoes will be less prevalent due to their cold blooded nature. When temperatures dip below 50 degrees, most mosquitoes’ bodies will shut down internally.

Understanding How Mosquito Hibernation Season Affects Client’s Yards

So does winter kill mosquitoes? In short– it can, but not all of them!

Mosquitoes and other nuisance insects would go extinct if they all died each time the weather dipped out of the ideal mosquito temperature range. Instead, most hibernate, awaiting the next season where they’ll reappear and breed back to their intolerable numbers.

When temperatures start to dip below 50 degrees, mosquitoes will go into hibernation. Though, this mosquito hibernation isn’t the standard “hibernation” you may be thinking of. Mosquitoes actually go into “diapause” which is essentially a state of long, deep sleep.

Female mosquitoes, who are the ones that actually bite, are more susceptible to colder temperatures than male mosquitoes. During colder temperatures, female mosquitoes tend to find a safe hole to rest in where they can lay eggs safely until temperatures rise up again.

As soon as the warmer Spring temperatures roll around, so do the bugs! Though, you need a solution beyond simply waiting for the cold to arrive when trying to eliminate mosquitoes. Winter may just be a couple months away, but this is not soon enough for your clients and customers. Keep in mind that if you’re working in a state with average temperatures above 50 degrees Fahrenheit, like Florida or Louisiana, clients will often experience mosquitoes year round.

When To Treat A Client’s Yard for Mosquitoes

As a pest control company, you should urge clients to spray for mosquitoes just before peak season begins. Peak mosquito season often falls during the summer months, so it is best to start spraying during the springtime.

It is also best to treat mosquitoes during the times that they’re the most active – dusk and dawn. Dusk is the time right after sunset, and dawn is right before sunrise. By treating mosquitoes at the times when they’re most active, you’re more likely to impact them directly.

Not only are dusk and dawn the times in which mosquitoes are most active, but temperatures are also cooler at this time. Cooler temperatures will ensure that the treatment you apply to a client’s yard will not evaporate due to heat, allowing it to last longer and be more effective.

The Effect of Temperature on Ticks and Fleas

Ticks are more resilient than mosquitoes when it comes to changes in temperature; some species can even function at temperatures as low as -4 Fahrenheit. Though, ticks can still die when temperatures are very cold. It is said that the extreme fluctuation of temperature is more likely to kill ticks than the cold temperature itself. As a pest control company, it is important to keep in mind that ticks can bury under tall grass, brush, or even a blanket of snow when it is cold outside.

Fleas can also function at lower temperatures than mosquitoes. Adult fleas typically die when it is colder than 46 degrees Fahrenheit or hotter than 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Flea eggs and larvae are more susceptible to extreme weather so therefore, they die easier in both very cold and very hot temperatures. 

Mistmaster® Makes Every Season Pest-Free!

The Bask Mistmaster 3-in-1 Compact Misting System is your every-season solution to all pest control woes. With the purchase of one simple tool that replaces a collection of conventional tools in your current inventory, you get year-round protection against pests.

The result? A more comfortable experience for your customers and clients so they are left feeling great about their overall experience with your company.

You Can Do the Work…

The Mistmaster features a Wand Attachment that outperforms any pump spray application you’ve most likely used before. First of all, there’s no need to pump. The Mistmaster releases a steady stream of solution at a high PSI of 160-180 with constant pressure and uniformity – no pumping required!

…or Let the Mistmaster Do the Work For You!

It’s never been easier to coat and cover a property with the easy-to-wield blower or cordless, portable misting system, but why bother?

Bask Solutions also offers an Overhead Kit and Remote Control that allows you to set up a comprehensive grid of treatment for clients. With this solution, clients can easily disperse treatment with the use of the long range remote control. Though, your pest control company should still offer bi-montly or monthly spraying to these clients because the overhead system isn’t enough to control an entire pest population by itself.

Not only can your pest control business utilize the Mistmaster as a piece of equipment to treat customers’ homes and properties, but your business can also install these misting systems into clients homes to create an additional form of income.

Incorporating installation as an offering for your pest control business can create the following opportunities:

  • Renting out the unit to clients/seasonal clients
  • Installing the misting stations and selling unit to client
  • Charging clients for refill of treatment solution in their installed unit
  • Developing a monthly service plan for clients using an installed unit

When the Mistmaster is removed from a clients home or property after installation, it can be used as an additional tool for your business or installed in another clients home to continue creating profit for your business. By utilizing these unique offerings as an installer, you can differentiate your pest control business and improve your bottom line.

It’s that easy!

Landscaper’s Little Secret

For landscapers, it’s a no-brainer to get your hands on one of these; it makes sense on every level. The Mistmaster can be used for purposes other than just pest control – you can use it to nurture plants with fertilizers, fungicides, and pesticides as well. You can also incorporate the Mistmaster to diversify your landscaping business by offering ornamental pest control services.

Landscaping companies can also become installers of the Mistmaster! Take advantage of this unique offering by renting out the Mistmaster unit to clients or installing the misting station and charging for refills of treatment. If the client no longer wants the Mistmaster unit, it can be easily removed and repurposed for another client or even your own business!

The Client

Your client wants a solution to their pest problem. They need not know all the finer details of the operation, but they will appreciate that you are using a quiet and eco-friendly option. What matters most is that the Mistmaster delivers exactly what it promises.

Your client will enjoy a pest-free experience, and that’s what they’re paying for.

The Employee

Let’s not forget the easy application that your employees will love. No more lugging around noxious gas canisters for heavy backpacks that disperse hazardous chemicals. With the Mistmaster, employees will save time and energy on their tasks.

Another common concern amongst pest control professionals relates to the fact that male employees working in this industry tend to be rough and tough with their equipment. With the durability of the Mistmaster, you no longer need to worry about the way your employees are handling their pest control equipment.

It’s lightweight, compact, handheld, battery-powered – making the job even easier on your staff.  Employees can use the Mistmaster both indoors and out for great results!

Your Bottom Line

All this customer satisfaction and man hours saved means one thing– increased profit margin!

While being aware of the temperatures and conditions that kill pests is great pest control knowledge, you can eliminate these pests with the Mistmaster regardless of the temperature or season. Not only will the Mistmaster improve satisfaction levels among both your clients and employees, but you gain a multifaceted approach to pest control services.

As an installer, the Mistmaster gives you multiple ways to increase revenue on a single account. There is a charge for the equipment, a charge to set it up, maintenance for damaged parts (if the customer is not careful), as well as refill charges for the solution the unit requires.

That’s a load of gross revenue from just one account! The fact that it’s an excellent product that delivers great results to your client base is just icing on the cake.

Don’t let pests bug your clients into leaving you bad reviews. Pick up your Bask Mistmaster now and give them immediate relief!

If you’re interested in the Mistmaster for your business, fill out our convenient contact form or call us at 1-888-814-2275.

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