At Bask we’re putting professional-grade misting performance right in your hands 

We are dedicated to solving the many issues that prevent individuals, companies, and communities from fully enjoying the places they love.

At Bask, we enjoy the feeling we get from working with products that get the job done. It’s why we’ve applied our expertise in maintaining indoor and outdoor spaces in Florida’s challenging climate to develop more useful tools that allow us to better tend to them.

Our performance-grade misting systems are born of our practical know-how and problem-solver mindset. Inventively designed, responsibly made, and satisfyingly effective, they reimagine the best professional methods to work better in everyday use. With Bask devices at hand, consumers, businesses, and communities, in our own Sunshine state and across the country, can easily create and cultivate places—from private backyards to bustling small businesses—that everyone can appreciate.

The Bask Mistmaster 3-in-1 Compact Misting System is the first in our new family of misting systems that leverage all the advantages of misting—in which very fine droplets of a selected liquid are evenly distributed across an area—over traditional spraying to help you sanitize surfaces, control insects, nurture plants and eliminate odors.

It works in Florida, so you can be sure it will work anywhere!

Keith Brookins

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